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Family Tree

Here are the fragments of the earliest known Mikles Family Tree based on parish registers. At the bottom of this picture is my direct family line.

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This tree shows my direct family line with spouse.

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Wilhelm Johannes Mikles
Born: July 1855 in Schönwald near Rosenberg (Schlesien)
Died: October 1937 in Schönwald near Rosenberg (Schlesien)

As a farmer he owned 105 hectare of land. After World War I the Agreement of Versaille defined the cession of some areas and all German colonies. The biggest part of Wilhelm's farm was assigned to Poland and a special passport was needed to cultivate the farmland on polish territory. He wanted his grandson Paul Mikles to carry on the farm, but Paul had other plans. So Wilhelm's son Johannes had to sell the rest of the farm later. The money was used to invest in real estate in Görlitz/Moys. [top]

Leonore Mikles, maiden name Weidner
Born: June 1860 in Praschka near Rosenberg (Schlesien)
Died: July 1937 in Schönwald near Rosenberg (Schlesien)

Johannes Mikles
Born: 5th May 1897 in Schönwald near Rosenberg (Schlesien)
Died: June 1942 (World War II)

Johannes was a mechanic and since 1918 a fighter pilot in World War I. 1932 he flew the route Berlin - Hamburg - London as the copilot of a single aircraft. From 1934 to 1935 he learned to fly the brand new Ju52, a three-engined-aircraft made by "Junkers Factory Dessau". With that airplane he flew the route Berlin - Stockholm. Most of the time he was working and living in Berlin.
His spouse Marianne and the children lived in Moys, a part of the city of Görlitz. After World War II that part of Görlitz belonged to Poland. The death of Johannes is kind of mysterious. The story is: he died flying a test plane that crashed. But he never told the family that he did test flights. His son Paul investigated unsuccessfully in that case. [top]

Marianne Mikles, maiden name Konietzko
Born: 2th May 1899 Goty Gory, Wilna (Today in Lithuania)
Died: 30th December 1940 in Schlesien

She and the children Paul and Helmut lived in Görlitz/Moys, but she did not like that town. For a long time she was very ill with tuberculosis and had to be treated in the hospital of Landeshut. She died of that severe illness. After World War II Marianne and Johannes were dead, Helmut was killed during his paratrooper operations in the war and Paul was a prisoner of war. The estate manager thought they were all gone and sold the whole possession. [top]

Paul Mikles
Born: 12th Sept. 1920 in Schönwald near Rosenberg (Schlesien)
Died: 5th February 1998 in Arnsdorf near Görlitz (Sachsen)

When he was a joung boy his dad Johannes enrolled him in a monastery school. As a young man he learned gliding and became engaged to a girl in the Rhein-Area (Rhein is a river in Germany). In World War II he joined the German air force as a fighter pilot. His girlfriend died during the war and he was taken a prisoner of war. When he was released from prison he was 25 years old and the last living Mikles.
He settled in Arnsdorf near Görlitz and became a schoolprincipal. In the following years lots of historical facts were colleted and written down in 4 books and many articles by him. [top]

Erika Mikles, maiden name Melchior
Born: 29th April 1930 in Königshain near Görlitz

Many years she worked as a teacher in a school. Now she is retired. [top]

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